Tellastory about...the origin of Tellastory Story Spoons

Tellastory about...the origin of Tellastory Story Spoons

My name is Jayne, I'm a primary school teacher in Leicestershire and I originally created Story Spoons for use in the classroom.

I found that they helped the children’s speech and language skills, encouraged their imagination and built confidence as well as helping children with recall and sequencing.

In addition to all these important skills the most important thing was they children absolutely loved them! If they were put out in the puppet theatre or role play areas, there was always loads of children wanting to use them.

At one point instead of the 4 children allowed on any one activity station I counted 9 children, all totally engaged by the story spoons! Those that weren’t playing the part of a character were ‘the audience.’

I then started to think of all the other occasions that these spoons could be used both in the classroom and at home - Tellastory Story Spoons was born..... How much more fun would the favourite bedtime story be with the spoons? I am thinking of new uses and applications all the time as the potential of the spoons is incredible. 

A set of Story Spoons involves kids in storytelling and can help develop reading, recall, sequencing, comprehension and imagination. 

Buy a set for your class or your child and see how they love retelling a favourite story, or making up their own using the characters as inspiration.

Join our passion for the power of learning through play!

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