Lucy SJ-BA Fine Art

Art & Psychology

Handmade toys for learning

Quick Introduction

After the death of an artist, twin and daughter, Lucy Sandford-James, there comes hard times.

Creativity is a force that powers us forward. Brings life back to the space.

The energy within Lucy's art inspires us to keep calm and keep moving.  We believe it can have this effect for you too.


Sharing her art through limited edition prints & products (1996 of each are available to buy), we hope to harness its power to establish a hardship fund. 

We aim to ease stress for aspiring artists & empower those in need of tools to explore creativity for a happier life.

Profits from all items sold will directly contribute to this Legacy that Lucy would be proud of.

Lucy was saving to become an art therapist, her energy lives on in the effects of her work.