i  (pronounced ee) Putting the I 
; motion (a movement for mental health) back into motion;

i;motion understands spirit as the animating principle in mind.


Providing therapeutic art tools to engage creativity, deepen insight, enhance wellbeing and transform resilience.




Using art as a way to experiment and make sense of experiences, evoking engagement and flow states.

i;motion stimulates the freedom to explore ambiguity and imagine, recognise and accept possible ideas and perspectives.

Reducing stress and connecting people to their inner and outer world without judgement. Empowering positive mental states, based on the belief that everyone has a right to express themselves.


  • i;motion is a cause dedicated to carrying on. 
  • i;motion uses art therapy as a way to help people deal with emotional difficulties like stress and mental health.  
  • i;motion is here to sustain a sense of wellbeing.


i;motion is for individuals and organisations. If you feel you would benefit from taking part please do get in touch

We will be launching the first products available to purchase by summer 2021.

All proceeds from sales will go back into making these tools accessible for those most in need.